June 2009

I had mentioned in a previous blog an issue I was seeing with my web application and its use of JPA. It turns out (thanks to people on the Glassfish users mailing list) that, after a refactoring, my JPQL query was rendered wrong up by using the name of the table instead of the name of the Java entity.
@NamedQueries(name = "Acctoken.findAll", query = "SELECT a FROM Acctoken a")
should have been:
@NamedQuery(name = "AccessToken.findAll", query = "SELECT a FROM AccessToken a")
Simple enough but, as I had written before, the fact that it somehow was working for subsequent calls remains a mystery to me…


JavaOne’09 is now over. Lots of interesting sessions & great discussions. I loved the demo Pat Patterson made using our OAuth implementation. Marc Hadley and I had our BOF session and were pleasantly surprised to see more people than expected since it was late and in direct competition with JavaOne’s big party. Here are the slides we presented – hopefully this will encourage people to participate and help us in our quest for the ultimate identity framework!